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Monday, February 03, 2003
Play upon play upon play...

Last week, I went to see Alan Ayckbourn's 61st (sic) play. It's called Snake in the Grass. I almost enjoyed it but I was aware that it required me to suspend my disbelief in ways that I find very difficult. In The X-files, for example.

The play had its moments: the body down the well and its consequences, but it was far from riveting. I guess it'll be on in London soon. While there are worse things to see, I think that our Scarborough chum should have retired with honour at 60. The current offering is fairly transparent - there are no new devices that I could discern - and I had great difficulty in staying awake. No; I had not partaken of any pre-theatre provender or liquid refreshment.

Jet lag? Perhaps, but there is a simpler explanation:..boring. Alan, you've got to be more engaging if you don't want nastier notices for 62. Of course, you could always stop now...

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