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Friday, February 07, 2003
Personality types

I am a very relaxed person. I can put up with (or, better still, ignore) rubbish like rap, self-mutilation, reality TV, brain-dead game shows and accept idiotic Australian driving 'restrictions'. I am aware that my blog does not, so far, provided facilities for Mrs Trellis to disagree with me. However, I do try to ensure that my work is accurate, (although I sometimes fail with the spelling), and that I acknowledge my sources (unless there is a specific, given reason). My 'draft' box is full of items I have been unable to substantiate.

A 'pro-war' spokesman said today that if half the Powell dossier were true, it would be persuasive. Let's put it another way: we have already seen that about half of the dossier is untrue. This makes the remainder so questionable that my attitude is: “Go back to the drawing board and get it ALL right, next time. Don't try to hoodwink me”.

When things are being done in my name that are based on sloppy thinking, piss-poor analysis and recycled discredited nonsense, I am concerned. I would like to think that I am as open-minded as the next 172-year old and that I am persuadable by verifiable, logical argument. That is, after all, why I am a devout follower of The True Faith, a feng shui practitioner, a slave to sartorial fashion and an ardent reader of horoscopes.

But (never start a sentence with 'and', 'but', or 'so' - Ed.) I get FURIOUS when politicians try to palm me off with arrant nonsense. I refer, of course, to the current rubbish we are expected to swallow about Iraq. If we are fed rubbish, it is a sure sign that the evidence is speculation, lies (not simply 'spin') and tenuous thoughts that the merest novice would not cite without checking.

Reports today suggest that "There are many red faces in Downing St." This stuff isn't 'spin’, it's lies. If I had my way, there'd be more than red faces; red raw arses would be appropriate. The shitbags need a good whipping.

Saddam Hussein is a monster; of that I have no doubt. But (oops) I do not like to be treated as uncritical 'lobby-fodder' by the likes of Straw, Blair and Powell. I had some hopes that this trio might make the case. That they have not is deeply disturbing. They have reached a position and then looked for evidence to support it. In this case, a rubbish tip is not the place to find what they are looking for. If they don't know, they should say so.

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