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Saturday, February 01, 2003
A new form of film classification

I cannot remember all of the film categories but I was reminded of the system's inadequacies by an item on a 'Today' programme, last week.

I was very taken with the very much wider classification proposed. These are some of the categories, as I recall:
Unreal romantic content. This category draws to your attention that ugly little men, e.g. Woody Allen and (especially) Norman Wisdom, are unlikely, in real life, to get the (attractive, yea even beautiful) girl.

Suspend disbelief category (A very large one, this) This category requires you e.g. to believe in Olivia Newton-John as a teenager in Grease

Purports to have some historical accuracy but is, actually, total nonsense and/or a distortion of fact. This category is particularly true of US films such as Saving Private Ryan and U571.
I suspect we could make up our own categories. Much more useful than 'Contains sex and violence', I feel.

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