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Monday, February 17, 2003
London's congestion charge

This system, despite the warnings of the doomsters, seems to have got off to a smooth start. There's a long way to go but it looks as though it will work.

As far as Josh is concerned personally, the charge itself is a matter of indifference to me - what is five pounds to someone who pays fifty pounds to park in London? I have a fleet of cars, and chauffeurs galore that ferry me hither and thither. However, because I am now feeling very environment-conscious, and in deference to rose-growers along the route, I plan to go up one day this week on Hector, my horse (congestion charge: nil) so that I can report first hand on the situation.

I have great sympathy, though, for the low-paid workers: market traders, hotel workers and flunkies upon which the filthy rich (oops, is that me?) depend. It is important that their plight is considered and dealt with favourably, quickly. The potential discomfiture of the filthy rich is of very considerable concern. If there is no-one to lick my boots and other pieces of my anatomy, it is unlikely that I shall deign to visit or stay in London ever again.

Ken, I'm relying on you to do your duty to the class of people that had so very much (i.e. nothing) to do with your election as Mayor of London.

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