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Sunday, February 23, 2003
Kids will be kids

When I decided to start blogging some nine months ago as a result of a Guardian article (my blogfather), I looked at many weblogs to see if I could pick up any hints. One of the blogs I alighted on was Poet & Peasant.

I got the address from the Grauniad's list of World blogs, immediately seeing the allusion to a work by Franz von Suppé.

Eventually, I asked the originator of this blog for some information. She was gracious enough to give it to me and a lot of other help subsequently, too. I then started my own blog and let her know about it. I was her first 'blogchild’. I wonder if she has had any more; I don't really count as a child because she's clearly old enough to be my granddaughter.

I learnt recently that she had finished her old blog (under Blogger) and migrated to Movable Type. In all probability, half of the known Universe has contemplated that particular step (I have thought about it but I am already at the limits of my technical skill.) Accordingly, she has called her new blog Reflections in D Minor.

Now, for a blog concerned mostly with classical music, this is not the most felicitous of titles, even if D Minor is the key signature of Mozart's Requiem, his K466 Piano Concerto, and the Queen of the Night's second aria in Die Zauberflote.

Inapproriately enough, the title brought to mind the celebrated 'rockumentary' by Rob Reiner: This is Spinal Tap. For those not familiar with the work, here is a link that will give you a lot of the flavour of the film but it is obviously much better to watch it. If you have any interest in music, you should find it extremely entertaining.

The reason I find D Minor evocative is because of a memorable remark by the sub-Einstein intellectual Nigel Tufnell, Spinal Tap's lead guitarist: " Ah, D minor, the saddest of all keys...," he muses.

"So what's funny about that?" you may ask. Quite.

If I smile over 'Reflections in D Minor', it's because of the association.

And if children turn out to be a disappointment to their parents, well, that's the way of the World, innit?

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