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Tuesday, February 18, 2003
In defence of the prophet

The Grauniad reports today: the news from AP Amman under the heading Libel jailings that
Three journalists in Jordan were jailed for between two and six months yesterday after being convicted of libelling Mohammed.
The state security court said it had also found the men guilty of harming Jordan's reputation in an article about the prophet's sex life.
It is interesting to note that English Law does not consider it an offence to "libel" dead people. Countries are fair game, too. Mohammed is an irredeemably sexist, nasty, dead old fart and Islam is a male power con-trick. OK? Further, if the AP report is true, Jordanian Law and the state security court are both hideous rubbish.

And whether or not this contravenes the English law against giving offence to people of religious sensibilities, then that law's a load of bloody nonsense, too.

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