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Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Important intelligence
Are You Ready?

Some important intelligence has come my way. For operational reasons, I cannot reveal vary much more, nor can I tell you the exact nature of the threat. You will find more information on this website (parts of the site take an extraordinary amount of time to load so I do hope that you will not meanwhile come to any harm).

You will find this site useful in preparing your hideaway and you will learn how to stick things on your window and wrap yourself up in brown paper.

Troops have been deployed at Heathrow airport to avoid panic and to deter terrorists (as though the queue for non-EEC nationals were not its own, very effective deterrent).

One final piece of news: according to my intelligence dossier, the sun is quite likely to rise tomorrow. Be prepared.

[While preparing this post, I came across this interesting link to some similar and much more detailed stuff by the deeply cynical Green Fairy. Now here's a gal who doesn't believe in wearing her heart on her sleeve...]

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