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Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Good intelligence

In my last post, I provided you with some important intelligence that has come to pass: the sun is rising as I watch. This is a strong indication that my source is reliable. My source also says that The Moon is made of green cheese so, if we ever get there (of course, we all know that the moon landings were faked, don't we?) there will be plenty to eat. Talk crackers, boys. (Sorry; that should have been 'Take crackers...')

A new tape from the noxious Osama has cropped up. However, if it isn't a fake by the CIA and/or the NSA, what have the silly idiots been up to? Anyone who says it's proof of a direct link between bin Laden and Iraq (oops) is only indulging in wishful thinking. If it's genuine, it points to the idiocy of taking one's eye off the ball. The absurd bracketing of Al Qaeda with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea is only indicative of lack of focus. It's difficult to deal with 'organisations' like Al Qaeda but it doesn't mean one should appoint inappropriate stand-ins.

Rod Liddle makes some interesting points in today's Grauniad. The only bit he gets wrong is about the Falklands. While there was a faction (Jeane Kirkpatrick) opposed to supporting Britain, there is no doubt that we had considerable logistical support (e.g. sidewinders) from the US.

So I won't be treating him as a reliable source in future. I much prefer such unbiased observers as Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Perle.

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