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Saturday, February 15, 2003
Blix's concluding remarks

I thought you might be interested in this penultimate paragraph from Hans Blix's statement to the UN, yesterday.
Despite the elimination, under UNSCOM and IAEA supervision, of large amounts of weapons, weapons-related items and installations over the years, the task remained incomplete, when inspectors were withdrawn [my italics] almost 8 years later at the end of 1998.
You may perhaps be irritated by my continual harping on about the fate of the previous UNSCOM/IAEA inspectors. I have ranted frequently about the idiots & liars who have tried to tell us that the inspectors were expelled. Make no mistake, the liars who perpetuate this myth, would find themselves charged with perjury were they to make such assertions in a court of law. If I hear the assertion again, I shall send my misguided and immaturing friend Tony Benn round to give the perpetrator(s) a good seeing to with a mink glove.

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