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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Bagshot under siege

Earlier today, while indulging in my usual waking ritual of self-flagellation, my eye was caught by a movement outside Bagshot Mansion. Since my post on 18 February about the jailing of two journalists for libelling Mohammed, I have been becoming more and more concerned for my safety. Bagshot Mansion has at times seemed to be under siege. It is too soon for the expected fatwah to have been promulgated, so I do not quite know what is happening.

Five-year olds from the kindergarten down the road were looking daggers at my windows – it was their movements I had seen. Surely, they cannot have understood – or even seen - my allusion. Mrs Trellis never shows my blog to anyone. I wrote
Mohammed is an irredeemably sexist, nasty, dead old fart and Islam is a male power con-trick.
and for this I apologise. What I should have said is
All religions (with the solitary exception of The True Faith, of course) are silly. Many are nasty. Mohammed is an irredeemably sexist, nasty, dead old fart and Islam is a male power con-trick.
I apologise for having got it so hopelessly wrong before.

If there is a fatwah in the offing, I can only suggest that people who are that sensitive about their religion(s) are obviously secretly aware that it's tosh. And surely, Allah, Jahweh, the Akond of Swot, or whatever the deity's called, especially if s/he's the arbitrary and peevish person/entity of religious literature, can take care of her/himself. S/he doesn't need acolytes with the mentality of five-year old kindergarten kids to look after her/his interests. Although, come to think of it, perhaps s/he does.

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