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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Ali G's failure

A few days ago, I was blogging about Ali G in the USA. It appears that his reception has been "mixed" to say the least.

This article lists some of the ways in which his comedy has "failed". However, the reactions reported are not necessarily indications of universal failure. People (and nations) that take themselves too seriously deserve the debunking they get. Having successfully ridiculed our culture, institutions, and the pompous/famous, it would be natural to look for targets elsewhere.

Mark Lawson's article today makes the point well. He concludes:
Yet, if the series were screened here, Ali G In America might give the performer his biggest popular success. In general, it's lazy, racist rubbish to say that Americans don't understand irony but this one very particular irony - that the shows Ali G made to crack America would be seen as really funny only in England - could only be appreciated here. Today's relative failure on HBO may be tomorrow's hit on Channel 4.
Yes, please.

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