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Thursday, January 30, 2003
Too much news

There's too much news today so I needs must comment very briefly.

Firstly, the news that Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, had a secret lover besides the Duke. Did I tell you, when revealing the erstwhile women in my life, that I used to sell Ford cars, was a 'wow' on the dance floor and sometimes adopted the pseudonym 'Guy'? Get busy Sherlock.

Next, the extremely interesting news that Prince Charles ('Jugs' for obvious and ambiguous reasons) has become very concerned about some methods of teaching History and English Literature. Given that the thick idiot would be unable to consider anything that didn't chime with his prejudices, should we take any notice?

There are people who make pronouncements and, as soon as they open their mouths, you know you are going to disagree. Jugs is one of them. It's time someone shut him up, constitutionally of course.

I have become very concerned about some methods of appointing members of The Royal Family...

Finally, the terrible ordeal of Sally Clark, imprisoned for killing one (two?) of her babies, both of whom we now know died of natural causes, is partially over. She was imprisoned in part because one 'expert' prosecution witness produced some nonsense statistics, misrepresenting another report.

More tragically, another (prosecution) expert, Alan Williams, suppressed evidence that would have aborted the trial. In all probability, the case would never have been brought. This article suggests that the deception was not deliberate. That is very difficult to accept.

There is an argument, when things like this come to light, that the person suppressing evidence should have to take over the sentence to which he contributed. Sally Clark's sentence was 'life'. Quite appropriate for the shitbag(s) responsible for misleading and effectively lying to the court.

You may think the punishment proposed harsh. Given that Sally Clark is a solicitor and articulate, one becomes concerned for the poor non-professional, confused people put in prison erroneously by mendacity and lack of care by the courts. We have to stop such miscarriages somehow.

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