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Tuesday, January 14, 2003
The power of astrology

Regular readers will be aware of my attachment to astrology, this most significant of scientific tools. I was therefore extremely disappointed to read the following passage in Barry Humphries's My Life as Me:
When a woman asks me my star sign, however attractive she might be, I experience an instant desire to bolt. Likewise the apologists for reincarnation...
I do find Humphries's dismissive attitude rather inexplicable. Let me tell you something to put the record straight.

Several years ago, a 'friend' introduced me to what she termed a very competent and accurate astrologer. I had been looking forward to the encounter for many weeks when we finally met over coffee. Having steadfastly refused to reveal to my friend any personal information that might be of use to the astrologer, I pursued the same line with the great lady - when conducting scientific experiments it is important to maintain a dispassionate attitude and not to 'lead' the enquiry. After a while, the seer said 'You sound like a Taurean'.' I'm afraid I'm not,' I replied. We discussed things some more and she tried again: 'A Virgo, then...' Wrong again. Oh dear.

This went on for some time and I was beginning to find it difficult to hide my disappointment. Eventually, she got it right on the seventh go. What a triumph, at last. This shows all the doubting Thomases what a skilled activity astrology is. People mock it at their peril.

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