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Friday, January 17, 2003

Barry Humphries and a friend, according to My life as me, wore black armbands to mark the passing of General Franco. Barry describes the gesture as '...exquisitely subversive'. I was tempted to do the same to mourn the recent death of General Galtieri.

When the Falklands war broke out, I remember remarking that an event that could lead to the demise of General Galtieri and Margaret Thatcher was greatly to be regretted. Now, I cannot hide the tears of pain for them both. Mind you, they both had a fair old crack of the whip and were able to leave lasting and memorable legacies.

As for the armband, I couldn't find any ribbon in an appropriate shade of black. This is a shame because surely General Pinochet can't last much longer and it would be useful to have my appreciation ready. People may think my attitude akin to mourning the passing of Hitler. Let them think what they will...

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