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Friday, January 24, 2003
More on tipping

The Lady flew back early from the Caribbean to welcome me home. Wasn't that nice of her? She told me of this article in The Times about a website called The Stained Apron.

The message from both the article and the website is that it is important to be generous with tips, or else. You can follow the arguments yourself, Mrs T. You can also participate in the debate that will be breaking out within The Times.

A few days ago (20 January, Standards of dress etc.), I was extolling one of Australia's many virtues: the absence of tipping as part of the culture/commercial life, other than as a genuine appreciation. Minimal amounts are appropriate; 10, 121/2. or even 15% are ludicrously over the top.

While I appreciate the need for waiters to be paid decently, it is surely more appropriate for pressure to be put on the employers to pay a decent wage. If the Australians can do it - and restaurant meals there are very reasonably priced - why can't everyone else?

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