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Friday, January 17, 2003
The ideal body

It has been reported in Australia that a recent article in the British Medical Journal says that standards of taste, among men, about what constitutes an ideal body shape for women, has changed. This article purports to suggest that slimmer hips, smaller breasts and bigger waists are now thought more 'ideal' than before. The researcher had looked at the vital statistics of pinups in Penthouse magazine and noticed the trends over many years.

In the first place, who are men to be arbiters in this matter? Secondly and more importantly, given that men may have some input, who are the editors and readership of Penthouse to be having such an influence on public taste? My recollection is that clothing manufacturers find that women are now 'Bigger all round'. So, with two out of three wrong, Penthouse and its hangers on are getting further out of touch with reality. Would not a more likely explanation be that thicker women are going into the pinup business, these days? In both senses.

People who ogle clearly do not subscribe to Josh's dictum: 'Sex is not a spectator sport' (© Josh) so that anything they do or say is suspect. If Penthouse suggests one thing, shouldn't we be looking in another direction? And, as I've often been heard to remark, 'Never mind her appearance, what use is a woman if she can't solve third order differential equations?' (© Josh).

(Here is CNN’s version of the story)

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