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Friday, January 17, 2003
Getting ready to go home

The Lady phoned the other day. She has been finding Positano a trifle cold and dull. I think I explained that she is not a fan of Australians because of their history. When I last heard, she had decided to go off to an island in the West Indies - Mustique, was it? - where the weather and the company would be better. One day I must tell her that having criminals in your ancestry is better than having them among your friends and neighbours...

Marty has been asked to get the Blackbird ready for our return next week. Currently, he is having a high old time in Katherine. (For the uninitiated and over-imaginative, Katherine is a town in the Northern Territory, not far from Darwin.) Marty goes there to see his old pals at the RAAF base at Tindal. By all accounts, they have some serious fun.

I have one or two more tasks to perform before I return. The last ten days always flies. I am torn between the desire to make the most of the time left and the need to get back as quickly as possible. I have asked Marty to be on a high state of readiness in case I decide to imitate the action of the ladybird. (‘Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home…’)

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