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Monday, December 02, 2002
Nature of Ozblogging

While I am stationed in Melbourne - and this looks as though it will be most weekends - access to internet cafes is easy. Blogging on a regular, daily basis is therefore possible. As I travel to remoter/more backward areas, such reportage will not be the norm; musings will be accumulated into compound postings and published about once weekly. You will need great fortitude to deal with this, Mrs T.

Think of this evolving style as a type of travelogue - a succinct Bill Bryson, without his shameful ignorance of cricket. Sometimes I think Bryson's attitude to cricket merely an affectation; he's not that silly, surely? Mind you, given England's current performances in the test matches, perhaps amnesia has its positive aspects.

While I am off in the wilds, tasting and reporting on wine for your delectation, there is another task you can imagine my gnarled fingers trying to handle: the inclusion of pictures. After all, what is a travel blog without pictures? However, being a throwback to a past age, modern technology does not come easily to me. Why, I remember when sweets were rationed, cars were few and far between and 'gay' meant 'cheerful and happy'. I sometimes think that those things are worth mourning; progress does not always embody beneficence.

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