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Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Titanic and the press

Research within the last twenty or thirty years on the sinking of Titanic has revealed that the newspaper reports from the time were complete nonsense. The journalists who wrote about the incident at the time had no information to work on so they made it up. For example, they wrote imaginatively about the heroism of well-known people. The truth turns out to be more mundane and more disgraceful. There were insufficient lifeboats and first class passengers were given priority. Hence, the high death toll.

Aren't we lucky to have journalists now who check every ‘fact’ and refrain from making things up? We are even luckier to have politicians who do not lie to us. So isn’t everything fantastic? Well, er... perhaps it isn't. According to The News of the World, Myra Hindley is now literally in hell. They wouldn't be making this up, would they? Read this article and decide.

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