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Monday, November 18, 2002
The superfluous sex

An item in Green Fairy's contribution to the sum total of human wisdom (well worth a look) reminded me about an article in 16th November's Guardian by Germaine Greer. The irrepressible Germaine inclines to the view that men are 'Surplus to requirements'. Coincidentally, that selfsame day, I bought Michael Moore's book Stupid White Men, a critique of, amongst other thing, the current US administration. Rather a large target, I know, but Moore also finds room to include a chapter about men generally [pp 142-62].

This chapter is titled 'The End of Men'. Moore makes a lot of the same points as Greer. So, as I remember, did I in a school essay many years ago.

My position, Germaine, is that your article isn't far short of plagiarism. For us men, as I concluded in 1902, there is one consolation: we're the best other sex there is. So there.

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