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Thursday, November 21, 2002

More Clarkson

The BBC series on Great Britons (who was the greatest ever?) is drawing to a close. Newton was poorly presented, I missed Darwin, and I don't think that Fiona Shaw did Shakespeare many favours. The dark horse seems to have been Brunel - he has raced ahead of Diana, thank heavens. One has to ask if the presenter and the presentation has too much to do with it: Brunel was presented by Jeremy Clarkson and a very fine job he made of it, too. This is the only positive and useful thing Clarkson has ever done.

He recently averred that a car (an Aston Martin, I think) was the most beautiful thing made by man. His second choice was the SR71 Blackbird aircraft. I am still toying with the idea of selling my own private plane, an SR71 Blackbird, no less, as a result of his endorsement. Anything that that silly man likes, Brunel excepted, has to be questionable.

As far as his general attitude to transport is concerned, Clarkson seems not to realise that we have a small island with limited space and that some form of restriction on car use is necessary. It is selfish of him to argue against sensible policies like those advanced by Transport 2000. His attitude stinks of 'I want to be able to drive everywhere so sod the rest of you.' This is elitism of the worst kind. Fascism, really.

He was given the Trinny and Susannah treatment during an early programme of theirs. Clarkson 'fans' should watch out for the repeats. Not normally given to schadenfreude (well, not much, anyway), I rather enjoyed the episode. It's satisfying to see one authoritarian group/individual dish it out to another.

Jeremy Clarkson has to be one of the most otiose people imaginable. Even he recognises this for, in the Top Gear programme on Sunday 17th November he asked the question 'What am I for?' Good question - he wasn't even being grilled by Anne Robinson. To bring the idiotic British to their senses and to persuade them to choose a character with a proven legacy, that's what he's for, but that's all.

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