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Sunday, November 17, 2002
More about St James's Palace

Googlers who have alighted on this weblog in search of information about Fawcett etc, should recognise that this page is nearly a year old. There's more up-to-date information on the entry for November 6th, 2003 which you wouldn't otherwise be able to find until the search engines update their indices. Click on 'Current' under 'Archives' in the left-hand column - Josh
Judging by the number of hits on this weblog during the last few days, there are many people trying to find out the identity of the alleged rapist on Prince Charles's staff. I had earlier blogged that the Italian newspaper La Republica seemed to have got it right. That paper's nomination was Michael Fawcett, Charles's personal assistant. I can now offer further 'evidence' on the matter, given George Smith's 'reticence'.

The current issue of Private Eye has strong hints along the same lines. Private Eye is often first to break news of this sort but there is no outright statement. (The Eye site is not sufficiently well organised for me to be able to offer a reliable link; you will have to buy the loathsome rag yourself, instead.)

To get the flavour of life for the royal entourages, here is an extract from a Guardian article dated 16 November.
The Queen is reported to believe that the "amount of kit and servants he takes around is grotesque." But Her Majesty's household is no less extravagant. Last Christmas, during separate trips to Sandringham, Charles took three butlers, the Queen 11; he took four chefs, his mother 12.

The Queen also takes up to 50 staff on foreign trips, according to a report from the Commons public accounts committee on royal travel, published in July. After the death of the Queen Mother, it emerged that she had employed a massive household too, including a watchman to sit outside her bedroom door every night as she slept.
You can read the full article here. There is also a 'picture' in this article, listing Charles's 'modest' establishment. Once again, you will have to go to hard copy to see the details.

Another contribution from The Guardian, dated 12 November about 'Fawcett the Fence' can be found here.

Happy ploughing...

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