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Saturday, November 23, 2002
More about influences

Perhaps this should be called 'More about an influence'. Day after day, year after year, Miles Kington of The Independent churns out articles like this - a comment on the 'invention' of news items. You can get to more of his writing from this page.

Frequently, I fume because Mr Kington has stolen my thunder: he has expounded on a topic on which I was planning to blog. Indeed, I often see Mr Kington as a verbose version of Josh. Still, he has a space to fill and a word limit to meet.

Working to a word limit can be something of a bore - different topics require different treatments and, therefore, length constraints sometimes spoil an argument.

One of my favourite news reports was very short. It came from a journalist who was reviewing the play I am a camera. 'Me no Leica,' he wrote.

Imagine that stretched to fit a thousand-word slot...

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