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Thursday, November 21, 2002
Metamorphosis - an open letter to Mrs Trellis

Dear Mrs Trellis

You will have become familiar, over the past quarter, with my grasp of detail, my well-manicured finger unerringly on the pulse of everything, and my penetrating analyses of subjects as diverse as the sharpness of tintacks to the control systems used in Russian rocketry. However, all this will shortly come to an end: I shall be spending two months in Australia, the health of my personal pilot permitting.

Australia is a strangely different country. In many ways, it is like going 50 years into the past. Imagine a World without marmite, the compression ignition (diesel) engine, the notion of class, or the god-given right to lose at any sporting event and you have it to a T. Most importantly, it has no internet facilities so I will be severely challenged in continuing to blog. This would be a pity so I shall shortly be seeking the assistance of Al Gore, the real inventor of the internet - it wasn't Tim Berners-Lee at all - to help me to rectify the problem. It would, after all, be a tragedy if I could not bring to you some of the joys of that incredible, remote country.

When (if) I solve the technical problems, my postings will be very different. World affairs will pass me by. Instead of pontificating on the political arena, I shall be producing a travelogue-cum-oenology document. It would be silly not to explore some of the lesser known wine areas. There are some remarkable wines to be found and, of course, tasted. I will blog about them if I can. If they are really superb, I may not be able to do so at the time.

So, you must be prepared for stories of emptiness, beautiful weather and frequent paeans to the Melbourne tram. Alternatively, if the technology defeats me, there will be nothing but blankness for the next two months. However, whatever happens, I am sure you will find the new Josh's joshings just as fascinating as the old...

May the blogwidth [© Josh] be with you,


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