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Wednesday, November 06, 2002
An interesting correlation

During the reign of the Virginia-Maryland sniper, I wondered idly, in a blog dated Sunday, October 13th, if the sniper's activities would make gun purchases go up or down. I subsequently found that gun purchases increased very considerably.

A day or two later, John Muhammad and John Malvo were arrested. Gun power obviously works, doesn't it?

A busy day at the shops

In preparation for my forthcoming trip to Australia, I have been going round the London shops, picking up presents for the people in Australia. You know the sort of thing: cutlery (or did I mean culture?), books, tea, clothes - all foreign to the Aussies. As we all know, Australians have no books of their own, they eat with their fingers and, horror of horrors, they all go about naked. I know that their weather is beautiful but there are standards...

I had a narrow escape in Harrods. (No, Mohamed al Fayed did not suggest a lover's tryst with me.) Instead, I just avoided apprehension by a security guard - my friend Winona Ryder's training obviously wasn't good enough. (I hear she's just been convicted, too.) Before I try to pick up any more presents, I'll have to find a better teacher...Bill Sikes or Fagin, perhaps.

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