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Friday, November 01, 2002
'Government makes interviews boring,' says Sky News sage

According to this article in today's Guardian,
Sky News political editor Adam Boulton has accused the government of launching a "second generation of spin" by boring TV viewers to death.
Now, it happens that I occasionally watch a local TV channel, charming in its insularity. It takes a news feed from Sky. I have to admit that Sky frequently gives the most up-to-date information on a breaking story. For that, it is to be commended.

However, I would raise three major criticisms:
1. News items do not need noisy fanfares and accompaniments. The intrusion is very irritating and totally unnecessary.
2. When text is presented on screen, it is always 'shouted' in upper case. Release the shift key, Boulton, you idiot, and get competent keyboarders.
3. Whenever politicians are interviewed, they are given too easy a ride. Get some pushy interviewers and give the rascals a proper grilling. Then, things won't be so boring. Try listening to 'Today' (BBC Radio) or watching 'Newsnight' (BBC2) to get some idea of what is possible...
The notion of pots, kettles and black is quite unsuitable here. Morons in glass houses and stones is far more appropriate.

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