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Friday, November 22, 2002
The firemen's strike

Army brass are sounding nervous about the possibility of having their firemen tied up standing in for strikers. As long ago as 1st August, I blogged that I thought Blair would be looking for an excuse for dumping Bush and/or giving him only minimal support when/if the troops go into Iraq.

I think he has played Bush as well as he's able: going through the UN rather than immediately bombing Iraq must, in part, be due to pressure from Blair.

The excuses for dropping out are mounting. It is unusual for countries to admit how unprepared they are for military action.

The firemen have put Blair in a win-win situation: more lives would be lost by going to war than by having a ropey fire service. Just wait for the justification...

Michael Jackson and children

It has been reported that Michael Jackson's children, when taken to popular places, are veiled so that they are unidentifiable to potential kidnappers. If we accept this logic, and do not suggest imaginative reasons for disguising his children in this way, there is a simple corollary: if you do not want your children to look like Michael Jackson's, do not veil them. OK?

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