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Friday, November 01, 2002

The Burrell trial

Because of my aristocratic heritage, it is not my habit to comment significantly on things relating to royalty. However, with the collapse of the prosecution in this trial, owing to the intervention of my mate, HM the Q, one observation and a batch of question have to be put forward.

Firstly, this was an exceedingly ill-conceived trial. The prosecution had not been able to produce the slightest evidence that what Paul Burrell had done constituted theft in any known meaning of the word. I am surprised that the whole idiotic edifice did not fall in ruins much sooner.

Secondly, one wonders why the trial was brought in the first place. Why wasn't Brenda interviewed? On what basis did police enquiries start? It must have been in response to information from a member or members of 'the public'. So what I want to know is: 'Who is/are the arsehole(s) who started this nonsense?’ We need to know. They need the Leslie-Deayton treatment, but in spades.

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