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Friday, October 18, 2002
Unconscious irony

How's this for the ultimate irony? The Guardian, dated 17 October, has an article by Woody Harrelson, entitled 'I’m an American tired of American lies’.

Harrelson may be tired of American lies, but he repeats one of them. He writes 'Saddam throwing out the weapons inspectors was all over the news...' Ouch.

George Monbiot made clear in his article in the Guardian dated 8th October that the inspectors were not ejected. Numerous articles had made the same point e.g. Ian Black in The Guardian on 1st July 1999 ('Dec 1998 Unscom withdraws staff...') I have blogged ad nauseam that the inspectors were withdrawn because they were unable to function effectively. Mrs Trellis, please pass it on.

If someone aware of American mendacity falls prey to one of their lies, what hope is there for the average, gullible man on the Chicago omnibus?

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