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Friday, October 25, 2002
Two doses of cow power

Were it not for its awful message, one might be tempted simply to use this story as a jokey space filler:
A Hindu religious leader has welcomed the murders of five men accused by a mob of killing a cow, India's most sacred animal, claiming that the life of the creature is more important than that of a human.
You can read more about this love affair with the cow here.

What beautiful things religions are, in marked contrast to these nasty aggressive atheistic creeds. Religion brings out the best in people, doesn't it? I do hope that these ideas don't reach the animal rights activists, though.

I wonder what the Hindu fundamentalists would make of this story:
A group in Portugal claims it has an answer to the mad cow challenge of how to efficiently and safely dispose of 270,000 tons of rendered cattle slaughtered each year in the BSE crisis. The solution is not burning or burial, says Quercus, the Centro de Informacao de Residuos. It is the anaerobic digester. Shovel the cows in, and let microbes turn flesh into methane. Then burn the methane to generate electricity and make money. Quercus calculated that this form of cow power would effectively cost nothing. Burial or incineration of infected herds cost the Portuguese €45 million a year.
Here's my source. I fear for Quercus's security....

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