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Thursday, October 10, 2002
The Tory party conference and 'Welbeck'

It was courageous of Teresa May to point out that the Tories are frequently seen as 'the nasty Party'. Steve Bell's cartoon encapsulates the whole idea, perfectly.

However, be that as it may, for some unaccountable reason I have not brought Mrs Trellis up to date with the doings of Michel Houellebecq (pronounced 'Welbeck'). You will remember that he is being sued in Paris by several Islamic organisations because he called Islam 'silly'. The judgement on the issue is due on October 22nd and, I fear, Michel will be vindicated, giving rise to all sorts of ignorant aggro.

However, if the Tory party can take it on the chin, why not Islam? I'm sure that Allah is more resilient than the blue rinsed matrons and Colonel Blimps from the shires. Still, perhaps Allah really can't take care of himself. In which case...

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