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Saturday, October 19, 2002

Three cheers for John Humphrys

This morning, on the BBC Radio Four's excellent 'Today' programme, John Humphrys interviewed an Iraqi government spokesman about weapons inspection. There were two significant statements: one from the Iraqi and one from John Humphrys. Firstly, the Iraqi said that the weapons inspectors would be accepted back virtually unconditionally. They would certainly be able to inspect presidential palaces without prior notification.

Although it is now a matter of history, John Humphrys made it clear, during his questioning, that the weapons inspectors had previously been withdrawn in 1998, not expelled. Three cheers for John Humphrys and his researchers. I am constantly blogging about the number of liars/idiots who insist that the inspectors were thrown out. May we now hear hard-hitting interviews with the politicians (e.g. Jack Straw) who have previously insisted that the inspectors were expelled?

This interview must push the question 'Are you an idiot or a liar?' very hard. There is a great difference between being withdrawn and being expelled. The important things about democracies are (a) that we are told the truth and (b) that mistakes are corrected, publicly. Eh?

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