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Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Some subjective observations about antipodean driving

Yesterday, I received my tickets for my winter visit to Australia: all December and most of January. (Remind self to set up system for remote blogging, then.)

I also had to make a thirty mile journey on a local motorway and, because I was beginning to think in Oz mode, I thought I would try to keep to the speed limit, 70 mph. I kept a count of the number of vehicles that I overtook during that distance: 12. This would indicate that either my speedometer is wildly inaccurate (unlikely) or that nearly everyone else breaks the speed limit consistently.

In Australia, speed limits are rigorously enforced and I saw no end of drivers caught in speed traps. The ridiculous thing is that Australian (Victorian) speed limits are very low: 100 or 110 kph [that's 62.5 and 68.75 mph, respectively]. They seem pathetically slow on their empty, rural roads.

Another statistic: one day, I drove from Broken Hill, NSW to Mildura, a distance of 230 km, I think. For something to do, I kept a count of the cars coming the other way. The count was six. Note that this is not the number of cars I overtook, but the number coming the other way.

That puts UK driving in perspective, doesn't it?

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