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Wednesday, October 09, 2002
Simon Hoggart drops another clanger

For the second time in a week, I have to pull Simon Hoggart up for a gross error. In his entertaining column today, Simon writes
The keeper of the old values is Norman Tebbit, who said yesterday: "I have never known the Conservative party to be disagreeable to homosexuals. If we had been, there wouldn't be so many homosexual MPs. And do not kid yourself that there are only one or two."

The same thoughts were expressed - perhaps a touch more subtly - by David Davis in the conference hall. He told them, in effect, not to pay any attention to this sort of nonsense. They must have the confidence "to argue for what we believe in!" The Tory agenda "makes us as relevant as we have ever been". Or as they said in Monty Python's Sydney University philosophy department: "Rule One: no poofters!"
Now Simon, we all know (except you) that the Python's 'Bruce' sketch was set at the Philosophy/philosophical department of the University of Walamaloo, not Sydney. For confirmation, see here or here (both different, the last being the most entertaining to philosophers) .

Last time, your excuse was 'misprint'. What's it now? Alzheimer's, terminal laziness, or a mistranslation of this Japanese site?

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