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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Silly sports journalism

Serendipitously, I found myself watching last Sunday's Chicago marathon as a displacement activity. (I should have been working for exams.) As it happened, I had read an article about Paula Radcliffe in the ever-reliable Guardian, beforehand. It seems pretty much on the ball.

During the race, one of the commentators mentioned an article about Paula in the Chicago Tribune. After Paula had won the race in such fine style, I took the opportunity of looking it up. Here's a link to it. It doesn't deserve it. It is padded out with nonsensical references to Monty Python. Most journalists have had assignments where they end up many words short of their target length. I suspect that this may be the case here. However, the article is 'hung' on the totally inappropriate Python association.

As Mrs Trellis will have noticed, Josh sometimes juxtaposes news items where others might not see the connection. In this case, though, associating Paula Radcliffe and Monty Python is absurd beyond belief.

I nominate Hersh's piece as the silliest piece of sports journalism ever.

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