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Thursday, October 03, 2002
On diarists

In the Guardian dated September 30th, Peter Preston makes the point that people who keep diaries are 'unusual'. This is how he puts it:
Sometimes they have the urge but no talent... Sometimes they have talent to spare, but the urge betrays them. Their evening recourse to the scribbling room marks them out as dreamers, grudge-bearers, pedants or pompous introverts. One quill short of the full pen set.
The same could be said in spades of bloggers. The article is worth reading because it has yet another take on the Curried Underpants affair.

If you have an irresistible desire to commit your every action and thought to some sort of medium, including a weblog, in intimate detail, isn't there something amiss? As for blogging, if there's not much to say, don't say it. The cardinal sin of a blog is to bore. Bye bye.

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