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Saturday, October 26, 2002
In a vinous mood

To get myself in the right sort of mood for spending two months tasting wine in Australia, I have been browsing on this this superb wine website.

Aimed principally at UK wine lovers, it provides the most comprehensive and useful amount of information about wine I have come across. Wines are tasted and rated, given marks out of 20. It is possible to search by retailer so that you can pop down the road and buy the best value bottle. Often, it is possible to get a decent bottle at your local supermarket. There are bargains aplenty to be had there. It is unnecessary to go to expensive, 'nothing under a tenner squire', wine merchants. These people must hate the concept. The whole emphasis is on value for money. Malcolm Gluck, whose site it is, believes that much wines is overpriced and that it is unnecessary to spend a fortune to get something really worthwhile.

I invariably agree with Malcolm's ratings and I shall be giving Super Plonk a permanent link shortly. The search facility alone, so that you can search by wine type, name, country, or retail outlet is worth a browse. This site is superb and it gets more comprehensive every day.

The proof of the bottle is in the drinking. When it matters, I rely on Malcolm's unerring judgement. You could do worse, too.

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