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Thursday, October 31, 2002
The Great Britons vote

The BBC is conducting a poll for the choice of the greatest Britons. Here is the current standing of the top ten:

1 Diana 2 Brunel 3 Churchill 4 Darwin 5 Shakespeare 6 Newton 7 Elizabeth I 8 Lennon 9 Cromwell 10 Nelson

Now, I also have to point out to Mrs Trellis that your average Briton knows more about soap stars than about politicians. So, that gives us a measure of the electorate's judgement, doesn’t it?.

To find Diana and Lennon in the top ten is risible while Churchill, in view of his actions as Home Secretary before the Second World War, is objectively doubtful. Perhaps twentieth century characters should have been excluded.

If Diana or Lennon get the majority of the vote, it would indicate the need to attenuate universal adult suffrage. Knowledge and judgement are prerequisites in exercising democratic choices. People who could consider ephemeral entities like Diana and Lennon as 'great' need their bumps felt. At least the other seven or eight have proven, enduring legacies.

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