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Saturday, October 12, 2002
A foreign Dougal

I was intrigued to read (Daily Telegraph) that Hollywood plans to make a version of The Magic Roundabout. A week or two ago, I was also delighted to see (same source) that Mel Gibson is to make a film entirely in Aramaic and Latin, without subtitles.

The producers of 'The Dougal and Florence Show', or whatever it is to be called, should take a leaf from Mel Gibson's book. I understand that Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue are to provide the voices of Dougal and Florence, respectively However, while changing the voices is just about acceptable, to preserve the style and nature of The Magic Roundabout it is essential to use the language of the original. I do not mean that the new film should be in English english, without subtitles, rather than American english. Instead, I am insisting that it should be in French. (The Magic Roundabout was originally French. The version we see is dubbed.) How educational that would be.

May I also add a special plea to see some of the satirical, political bite of the original?

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