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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

The Booker prize

Oh dear! I have again failed to win the Booker prize. My exquisite novel, Life of e (or is it 'Life of i'?), didn’t get anywhere last night while something very similar, Life of Pi, plagiarised no doubt, has triumphed.

My story concerns a girl and some animals. The girl has done some research on the behaviour of the South American ai.

Coincidentally, no doubt, Yann Martel's character has worked on the South American three-toed sloth - I can find no mention of the ai in the extract*. This piece of artless substitution gives me hope that I shall be successful in a plagiarism action. Young Yann clearly thought no one would recognise the change. However, he overlooked the massed ranks of scrabble players. Any player worth his salt would have been able to tell him that the ai and the three-toed sloth are the same animal.

[ * You can read the opening of the book here.]

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