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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
A bit about 'mistakes'

For several weeks, I had been looking for a suitable quote for a piece that I plan for a forthcoming blog (upcoming – yuk) about music. I had remembered a quote, last heard some twenty years ago, made by Beethoven about a piece of Mozart's music. Googling for bits of the quote had failed so I was compelled to consult hard copy. I found what I wanted in a library copy of a biography of Beethoven but it was quite different from what I had remembered. Once I had the correct wording, I found it on line without trouble.

It is so important to consult reliable sources and not to rely on memory alone. I have blogged before that making mistakes is part of the human condition. Checking is therefore vital.

Mistakes are fortunately part of a problem we no longer have to live with. We can check our facts. All journalists can be relied upon to do likewise. That is why we can obviously believe everything we read in the newspapers, thank heavens.

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