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Friday, October 04, 2002
Bill Clinton's speech at Blackpool

Bill Clinton's speech to the Labore Party conference this week has been received with near unanimous approval. He managed to cock a snook at Dubya while sounding very supportive. However, when he referred to the weapons inspectors as having been thrown out of Iraq in 1998, he missed a golden opportunity to apply the boot in a way that would have been beyond criticism.

Since it was the case that the weapons inspectors were withdrawn, why didn't Bill say so? It would have shown up the war-no-matter-what rhetoric of the Bushies.

Perhaps the 'error' was deliberate. Whatever the reason, he joins the liars/idiots who have got this wrong. So far, my personal list includes Andrew Gilligan of the BBC, Kenneth Adelman, Jack Straw and Donald Rumsfeld. What an inept/unsavoury bunch.

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