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Saturday, September 07, 2002
The young buffy [British National] party

Listening, as one does, to the BBC's excellent, combative 'Today' programme, one day this week, I was rather amazed to hear an interview with a member of the YBNP. Mark Collett was talking about the poster competition run by his organisation. This competition 'with fabulous prizes for the winners in the different age-groups... [required competitors] design posters on the theme "Racism cuts both ways" '. The interviewer, James Naughtie, suggested that such a competition was hardly likely to lead to a reduction in racial friction. In an attempt to find a BBC link to the report, I came across this extraordinary, unbiased report of the interview on a BNP site:
YBNP national organiser Mark Collett appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning to talk about the campaign. Mark scored a 'direct hit' on top 'attack' radio journalist and Tony Blair groupie James Naughtie, leaving him literally lost for words even on the version of the interview played on air. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, the full interview - which ended with Naughtie throwing down his earphones and slamming the studio door as he left - didn't get played, but even so the programme's huge and influential audience will all have got the message: The YBNP is not only leading the field in the defence of white rights, but its young spokesmen can get in the media ring with the biggest name lib-fash journalists - and give them a verbal hammering!
Mark Collett's prescient analysis of the interview would suggest that he is well on the way to founding a new school of Communication Theory. Some of these theories are far-fetched enough - I shall be blogging on one or two in forthcoming, carefully considered pieces [Ranting diatribes - Ed.] - but Mark Collett is in a class of his own. I'm looking for a word or phrase conveying the idea of 'reading meanings into something that cannot possibly be justified by the evidence'. If the word is esoteric enough, these highly intelligent, trained social engineers may adopt it as a badge of honour. My first thought is 'Theory Only Sustainable by Hate', but perhaps that, like the abbreviation, is too general.

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