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Thursday, September 19, 2002
Uri Geller

On Tuesday, I watched my guru and hero Uri Geller on local news (Carlton, Central News South). Fresh from his escape from the jungle (actually, I think he was unfairly voted out), he was demonstrating spoon bending again.

During the programme, the delectable and talented Hannah Stewart-Jones was invited to see his spoon-encrusted Rolls Royce and she was given a bent spoon as a souvenir. The spoon was offered as a prize in a phone-in competition. Alas, I did not win it. (For some inexplicable reason, I did not enter - I really must pull myself together: I am far too lazy to win anything...) There were so many calls that the switchboard was jammed. I probably would not have got a look in, anyway. Isn't it exciting Uri's still so popular, though?

I am sadly disillusioned by the many media people who refer to Uri as a 'conjuror'. I was delighted that the other presenter, Jan Onoszko, introduced him as 'the psychic'. It is gratifying to find that Carlton's 'Central News at Six' is producing such accurate and perceptive news programmes while everyone else is dumbing down.

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