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Saturday, September 28, 2002
A remarkable disclosure

Today's (London) Times carries the most remarkable story about John Major - he had an affair with Edwina Currie during the 1980s. Edwina's book is being serialised by The Times and you can read about it (and extracts) here. I have to confess that I have not read any of the articles myself. However, I could not escape hearing about it on this morning's news.

Commentators are making the point that John Major's 'Back to basics' campaign was sometimes interpreted as meaning 'basic sexual morality'. They also say that, had the affair become public knowledge, even after it had ended, when JM was a rising star in government, his career would have been finished. I suppose I can just about see that but it is absurd to think of the matter as serious news, now; I would be far more interested in the specifically political content of Edwina's book.

On previous occasions, I have blogged about sex not being a spectator sport (© Josh) and I think that if people find great joy in each other, that is to be welcomed and it is none of our business. It becomes more complicated when the people are married, but I am not judgemental. The matter is further complicated when there is an element of exploitation in the relationship but this is not the case here. Bill Clinton fell rather more into this category, I think. It is tragic when 'goings on' bring down able men (or women).

Unfortunately, power seems to be an aphrodisiac (according to Kissinger) and, throughout the ages, powerful people have had extra-marital relationships. They are treated as matter-of-fact in other countries. Why can't we do the same?

Having blogged about the tabloid propensity to make news of total trivia, I am inclined to level the same accusation at a broadsheet. I wonder if Harold Evans would have printed Edwina's tale. I suspect he would but he would always have concentrated more on the political aspect than the sensational/mawkish.

Now, if The Times really wants to publish real news, how about letting us know that John Major was a comintern agent during his premiership? While I do not suggest for a moment that this is true, that sort of news is far more interesting than with whom John Major was bosom, or bedroom pals.

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