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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

On being a student, pt 2

On 3rd August, I blogged with some irritation about how my tutor, in having adopted such a critical attitude to my work, had good cause to mend her ways. Resenting the mediocre marks she was giving me, I threatened to give her email address to 'some of my unfavourite spammers' if she did not note, and act on, my message.

It appears that Mrs Trellis is not my only reader. I have just had my last piece of work back, marked. It is sprinkled with words like 'quite' (meaning exactly), 'elegant', and 'witty'. The mark, by the way, was 92%.

How fortunate it was that I should have chosen the one threat she dreads: inundation by spam. My threat worked. I wonder if Saddam Hussein is afraid of spiders... Tony, get working on it.

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