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Thursday, September 05, 2002
A house to let

Some good friends of mine sold their house in about 1995. It was the largest house in an area renowned for its very large houses. My recollection is that they sold it for about £500,000.

The new purchasers spent a fortune - certainly over £1 million - on 'improving' and extending the property so that it had at least ten bedrooms. According to a contact in the architects' offices, the new purchasers were 'mad Russians'. It immediately occurred to me that, because the Soviet Union had fallen apart only five years before, there must be something very 'unusual' about these people and their money.

There were large numbers of 'hangers on' about at most times and a fence was erected around the place to turn it into a fortress. The entry systems reminded me of films of 'godfather' residences.

I notice that the property is now being advertised as being 'To Let'. (I don't think I'll give a link - I'm not sure that they deserve it) at £4000 per month. My spies tell me that there have not been many enquiries but perhaps the agent is advertising it wrongly...
'Former Mafia Staff College To Let'
might be an appropriate sales slogan. Unusual and eye-catching that, although, of course, totally untrue.

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