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Monday, September 02, 2002
Fun in the jungle

I turned on the TV the other day, only to see one of my very favourite people – Christine Hamilton – doing something in the jungle. Now, I may be a bit mistaken about this but it seemed that she was doing some cooking. Perhaps she wasn’t because I didn’t see an awful lot of ‘eye of newt and toe of frog’ going into the mixture, nor was there ‘liver of blaspheming Jew...[ See the Scottish play, IV i]

That reminds me that, among the group was another of my betes blanc: Uri Geller. He didn’t seem to be having a nice time at all and I wondered why he didn’t use his great psychic powers to escape. Still, perhaps he felt that doing so would emphasise his superiority over the other ‘guests’. I remember once, when he was subjected to a real grilling by that arch inquisitor David Frost, that he explained he always felt obliged to use his powers responsibly and wisely. That’s probably why he has not been reported as making large sums of money out of the lottery – he’s clearly too serious, community-minded, and selfless. Still, if ever he finds himself a bit short of the readies, there’s always James Randi’s million dollars that he could easily walk away with. James Randi's Educational Foundation is offering the prize but see also CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, a joke organisation, if ever I saw one.) Remember Uri, your believers, among whom I count myself, continue to live in hope.

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