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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

The scrupulous sage Junius makes the overwhelming libertarian argument against banning fox hunting. I am sure he would want to join me in seeking the constitutional enshrinement of the right to hare coursing, the return of bear-baiting, and the repeal of law(s) against cock fighting. Animals are our playthings, so we must allow ourselves to get pleasure from their antics (Genesis I, 26).

I continue to stand for such freedoms but I expect a ban on hunting with dogs to be introduced as a sop to unthinking townies. I implore the hunting fraternity to ridicule the ban in a legal way. You should immediately adopt my suggestion and continue hunting with alpacas. For more details, see my blog dated September 5th: 'Alpacas, llamas...' and this (subscription) Daily Telegraph article.

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