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Monday, September 09, 2002
Food, drink and blogtitles

Looking at the many blogs on the web, one cannot fail to notice the extraordinary number of contributions that relate, in some way or another, to food and drink. Although I haven't so far come across a blog extolling the virtues of coca cola (actually, I haven't even looked), it seems to me that there are many (too many?) devoted to the joys of toast, tea and coffee.

Here are just two examples: Pop-up Toaster and Quantum Tea. (I think that this lady is looking for a blog enemy. Am I volunteering, I wonder?) My apologies if you feel slighted for having been excluded from this short selection but you may, perhaps, be relieved in the light of the following considered words on the subject.

Now, toast is all right with the right stuff spread on it. Otherwise, it hasn't much to recommend it. Similarly, tea and coffee are very useful for alleviating the effects of a hangover. However, they are not of great intrinsic worth.

So let's get this straight, shall we? There is only one thing worth eating and it isn't toast. It's beluga caviarre. And there are very few things worth drinking, too. I mean, you can forget water for all sorts of reasons. For example, see here (at the bottom). Remember also that the bible exhorts us to 'Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake...' ( I Timothy, 5.23). I'm not sure about the 'little' and the exhortation is remarkably non-specific So let's help everyone out.

The only thing worth drinking is a good claret from a good year. Chateau Lafite and 1961 come to mind. (Shouldn't Paul have mentioned that in his epistle to Timothy?). As an alternative, I might consider Le Chambertin but, personally speaking, I do find Yquem a bit over-rated. Why, even a certain nineteenth century Russian had to have the stuff in glass decanters, engraved with gold, to improve the taste...

Please new bloggers, be more selective about your choice of blogtitle. Try choosing from the evocative names in the 1855 classification and, if you do not know what I am talking about, read Edmund Penning-Rowsell's excellent work The Wines of Bordeaux.

Ah well, back to the Penfolds Grange and the Henschke Hill of Grace...

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